July 12, 2020

I don’t know that there is a more empowering word. We have all been knocked down to some extent. The rug has been pulled, our view has changed, our reality shifted.

This isn’t a blog about macros. This isn’t one about fat, or shame, or even self-worth. It’s just about surging forward. And leaving yesterday where it belongs.

At the end of the day, we have only ourselves to stand in judgment—on how we did. We are, by nature, myopic. With a tendency to speak and care more about how we’re heard, or if we’re heard, and—later—how we looked and sounded. We allow others to hold our mirrors while they, inadvertently, lend us theirs.

Resilience has everything to do with how we choose to live. It takes practice. It allows for, and relies on, failure.

So fail, and carry on. Then fail less. And know you are a lot of people’s everything. Be that for you, too. Especially when nothing looks just right in the mirror. Cast your own reflection.

There is a reason that we can’t see ourselves when we walk about the world—everything good comes from, and is nourished by, the inside first. #spreadthat