June 29, 2020

If you haven’t had a challenging several months, I’d love to meet you. Not a lot is incredibly easy these days. Either the kids are home all day and your exercise routine and meal planning have suffered, or the kids are out and about in the world, and it’s quiet and a bit lonely, and your motivation is sapped. Or for other reasons, the food scale has collected dust, the laundry has piled up, and it seems like a looooong road back to normal. The only normal aspect of life at the moment is that challenges are real for everyone. That’s the new normal. And we’re all in very good company.

But summer is here. And for most of us, the world has opened up a bit. The stores are better stocked. Food choices are more plentiful, and the sun (should it appear in New England by the end of the week) makes everything a bit brighter. These are things I see as silver linings—the opportunity to see loved ones in some capacity that extends beyond FaceTime or Zoom, the ability with more outdoor time to soak in those rays, and watch sunsets, and think about all the things we still can do. A loved one suggested this to me just the other day, about what one can and should do, and prioritize: be kind to yourself.

Add this message to your phone calendar; repeat alert every day. It may not be the sort of affirmation that works for you. But happiness, I like to believe, is more contagious than the virus among us. Spread that.

Nothing about this time is perfect. There is no such thing. But if you’ve put on more weight than you expected during this pandemic, this may the time to revisit your journey—when the sun is shining, and it’s walking/running weather, and the days are longer to make exercise a priority. Take baby steps back if you need to. Endurance and weight loss do not happen overnight, but many of our excuses are less valid. Validate your goals by making them actions instead. Create the reality you want—the one you can control and execute.

Be Kind to Yourself. Be Proud of Yourself.

You have survived 100% of your hardest days.