October 26, 2020

It seems most of us have returned to the nesting phase of 2020. The days are shorter and colder, and motivation is a nebulous concept. Humans are stimulated by connection with others—handshakes and high fives and maskless hellos from a time that may seem like a dream. It makes sense to feel resigned to circumstances that are entirely out of one’s control, and retreat to our nests until spring.

This isn’t a post about macros. It may be that weighing lettuce or lavash is less important than the mountain of challenges that now constitute the new day-to-day.  It is easy to feel buried underneath, and disconnected—from our goals and each other.

But perhaps we can rearrange the challenge. There is room for change even when the world seems smaller. We can choose to defeat a challenge rather than become defeated. And like anything else worth doing, it won’t happen overnight. Birds begin in a nest before they fly.

This isn’t a post about weight.

It is about Reconnecting. Resurfacing. Re-identifying the choices that make us better versions of ourselves.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely experienced success at some point during your macro journey. You probably know what it is to feel proud of your progress and the satisfaction that comes from improved workouts and hard-earned headway.

Redefine your challenge. This does not have to mean tracking every day if that idea is too daunting. But it doesn’t have to mean failure—one good, healthy day often lends to the next. That is progress, and progress is motivating.

This is a community of strength. It is made up of people who invested not only in self-improvement but communal support. Challenges are less overwhelming when commitment is shared.

Nests are launching places—and there is no shame in needing a boost.