August 09, 2018


JAKE, 38 years old, 6’1”, 209 lbs.

Macros: 225C/75F/170P 2255 cals

BREAKFAST (29c/20f/36p) 420 cals

  • P28 High Protein Bagel 94g (25c/7f/28p)
  • Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese 4TBS (4c/9f/2p)
  • 2 Eggs (0c/4g/6p)


  • Pbj Quest Protein Bar (20c/10f/20p)
  • Raisins 14g (11c/0f/0.4p)

LUNCH (43c/15f/56p) 529 cals 

  • Ezekiel 7 Grain Bread 2 slices (30c/1f/8p)
  • Tomato 74g (3c/0f/0.6p)
  • Lettuce 42.5g (1c/0f/0.5p)
  • Low Fat Swiss Cheese 2oz (1.9c/2.9f/15.9p)
  • Avocado 67g (6.8c/10.1f/0p)
  • Sliced Grilled Chicken Breast 5oz (0c/1.2f/31.2p)


  • Cashews 28g (8c/13f/5p)
  • Apple 154s (22c/0f/0p)

 DINNER (86c/15f/36p) 619 cals 

  • Salmon 6oz (3c/1.5f/31.5)
  • Olive oil 1TSB (0c/13.5f/0p)
  • White rice 1 cup (46.7c/0f/4p)
  • Yams 166g (36g/0f/1p)


  • Chocolate Pudding Ideal Protein 1 cup (5c/2f/16p)

Snack totals: (66c/25f/41p),LEFT OVER: 1c/0f/0p


Jake is 3 weeks into the program. He is after fat loss and lean muscle gain. He prefers to eat CLEAN, and chooses fresh sources of protein when he can, but supplements with bars or powder to hit his mark. He also meets his fat requirements with whole eggs, nuts, avocado, and adds olive oil to food prep, which he reduces when he swaps a lean steak or burger patty for dinner.

Ultimately, he knows that he’ll reduce his numbers while he cuts fat before focusing strictly on lean muscle gain, so he’ll be able to substitute whole eggs with whites, cut back on oil and cheese, and carb portions when his numbers are adjusted.

At this point, Jake still has A LOT to eat, but he chooses to keep his meals simple and his snacks hearty but mobile as he’s always on the go. When he doesn’t have time to prep eggs in the morning, he supplements with an additional protein bar or shake, and always packs his snacks before leaving for the day so he doesn’t end up hungry or vulnerable to various spreads that are readily available around his office.

Jake knows to distribute his fats throughout the day, work protein and carbs around the gym to fuel workouts, and eat light on carbs after dinner. Jake precooks his yams, rice, and meats so he can grab and reheat when home later to keep constant food prep to a minimum and weighing less tedious.