August 09, 2018


KATE, 50 years old, 5’5”, 145 lbs.

Macros: 140C/45F/105P 1385 cals

BREAKFAST (27c/2f/20p) 212 cals

  • Progranola 18.5g (7c/2.2f/6p)
  • Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt 5.3oz (20c/0f/14p)
  • Blueberries 50g (7c/0.2f/0.3p)


  • Roasted almonds 14g (2.5c/7.5f/3p)
  • Apple slices 77g (11c/0f/0p)

 LUNCH (8c/9f/29p) 240 cals 

  • Joseph’s Lavash 20g (5c/0.9f/3.8p)
  • Boar’s Head Low Sodium Turkey 3oz (0c/0.8f/18p)
  • Lettuce 43g (1c/0f/0.5p)
  • Boar’s Head Low Sodium White American Cheese 1oz (2c/6f/7p)
  • Hellman’s light mayo 7.5g (0.5c/1.8f/0p)
  • Mustard (0/0/0)


  • Banana 4 oz (23c/0f/1.1p)
  • Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter 9g (3.8c/3f/1.8p)

 DINNER (9c/16f/39p) 

  • Grilled Chicken Tenders 5oz (0c/1.2f/31.2p)
  • Zucchini Noodles 28g (4c/0.5f/1.8p)
  • Rao’s Homemade Marinara 125g (4c/8f/1p)
  • Reduced Fat Cheddar Jack Shredded Cheese (1c/6f/8p)

 DESSERT (Ice cream sundae)

  • Halo Top Salted Caramel 116.7g (25c/3.3f/8.3p)
  • Cabot Whipped Cream Sweetened Light 12g (2c/2f/0p)
  • Cheerios 24.5g (17.5c/1.8f/2.6p)
  • Food Club Ice Cream Cake Cup 1 (4c/0f/0p)

Snack totals: (96c/18f/17p) 562 cals ,LEFT OVER: 0/0/0


Kate is 6 weeks in. She is obviously snack driven, but does not have to sacrifice her meals to feel satisfied throughout the day. She eats frequently, every 2-3 hrs, in order to hit her numbers and looks forward to her ice cream sundae after dinner.

If she has a sweet tooth, she can substitute a handful of Swedish Fish or Jellybeans for a fruit, cheerios, or veggies. Or if she wants larger meals and has less time to snack, she can grab a protein bar and eliminate or adjust the Halo and other snacks—and build bigger meal portions.

All protein can be substituted (fish/ground turkey/egg/egg whites/shrimp), and she often swaps out zucchini noodles for cauliflower rice/gnocchi, boston lettuce for big protein “tacos”, or greens for large portion salads with protein.

These are the foods that keep Kate satisfied, healthy, and not bored! And she likes to brag that she’s losing weight every week on her Ice Cream Sundae diet😉.