November 15, 2018

Great question. If you have asked yourself this, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, you’re likely in the majority. Anyone who takes on macros is serious about weight loss. If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and take honest inventory of what you’re eating, even if just on a trial basis, you need to give yourself credit for taking ultimate control over conquering a goal.

Macros is a blueprint. It is the black and white recipe for shredding fat. And many of you have become experts. Once you’re on your way, you’ve come to understand it as a map. Plot the coordinates and just follow the route.

But like any well-planned journey, we often require refueling, pit stops, or encounter detours. And sometimes, we just need to stretch our legs.

Any time you’re on a strict course, even if you’ve paved yourself a comfortable one, you’re going to want to open those windows and let your hair take the wind. It may just feel good enough to blast that radio and ignore the speed limit for a bit—and perhaps a bit longer. Chances are you’ve earned it. And it’s okay. If you’ve been committed for some time, you can give yourself permission to take your foot off the brake.

But don’t get lost. Maximize the all and minimize the nothing. If you’re on 90% of the time, and steer off course on occasion, you’re likely to find your way back with renewed focused. When you’ve allotted yourself one Mini Hold the Cone, or 100g of Halo Top, or even two mint Oreo cookies every so often for 3 day, you might just say, “The hell with it,” and eat the whole package!! Because WHO CARES! I’M HUNGRY!!! And that may lead to a bag a chips, and half a pizza pie. By yourself...oops.

And if we’re doing this metaphor justice, we all know better than to drink and drive. That’ll do you in. So hide those munchies, lock away that leftover Halloween candy, and eat your pillow sandwich. And if all else fails, do better tomorrow.

All of this might happen. But wipe up the crumbs, pull out that blueprint, and roll up the window. For most of the ride....Because if you stay too long at that pit stop, you might as well pitch a tent.

It is possible to find that happy medium. It just may look a little different than you think. But if you can shorten those detours, and keep your eye on the road, I’m betting it’ll still lead you home.