September 17, 2019

The mornings are a little cooler, days a bit shorter, our email inboxes a bit fuller. Every season comes with its own set of challenges and we often, subconsciously or otherwise, assign reset days and then reassign them when our best-laid plans go awry. We pick and prod at the physical—and psychological—manifestations of our transgressions…less macrofriendly choices, skipped workouts, backward progress. We assign blame, often inwardly.

But like anything else, seasons change slowly. Even in New England! And if our bodies softened a bit over the summer, if our endurance waned slightly…there is no permanence in it. There is no permanence in anything.

So just like August felt like the Sunday of summer, let September be your Monday. Fresh and crisp with no mistakes in it—just a full week ahead of good-choice making, good body moving—without bathing suits or barbeques or beaches. That season has passed for now. This one is about focus and recommitment. Don’t let it feel daunting, but stimulating. Put in the work; earn the reward. Every day is a chance to do better, and there is nothing to be done about yesterday.

So whether or not your commitment wavered, if you started September 3rd and then restarted September 9th, or plan to start tomorrow, go with this season of change. There is as much beauty in fall as there is in summer, and it’s as internal as it is external.

We set our clocks back November 3rd, a month and a half away. But reset your own forward and, before you know it, you’ll be back to just where you want to be. ‘Tis the Season.