June 11, 2018

It’s not just for high school kids. Often we get mixed messages from our loved ones—who urge us, lovingly, to make time for the gym. It’s a tricky conversation, but many of us have been there. On both sides, perhaps. And it’s often the people closest to us who instigate the wake-up call, the bearers of truth, who drive us to better ourselves. Only in the moment, we may hate to love them. But we’ll thank them later.

Here’s where the balance gets tricky. Because once we get on track (literally), it’s all about business. Food weighing, social planning, workouts, meal prep. And even after the undeniable results come, frequently it’s these same loved ones who hold up the red flag.

Tracking macros works. Many of you are walking testaments to this! But it may seem that it works best in a bubble—when there are no graduation parties to navigate, birthdays, dinners with friends, impromptu lunch dates. And the worst, last minute drink invitations when our day has been planned, our fat grams consumed, our Halo Top programmed. But we hate to say “No” because we don’t to let them down, or be party poopers—and also we WANT to. We really do.

But here’s the thing. Every season is going to tricky. The holidays, snow days when we’re stuck in doors, summer BBQs, Football season. None of it is going to go away. That would be dreadful anyway. So in lieu of moving to a remote island for 12 weeks with our Tupperware, and food scale, and refillable water bottles…What is a Shredder to do?!

Talk about it. Your journey is about you. It is not about disappointing others, dodging the sideways glance when hubby comes home with take out and you’re weighing your lettuce. It is a means to an end, and your favorite take-out joint won’t go out of business; the unopened bottle of wine won’t sour. Those things will be there. They won’t miss you. And once you’re on your way, work it in! As we’ve said from the beginning, this program isn’t about deprivation. It’s about working in the things you love so you can sustain a satisfying lifestyle and STILL look the way you want—have your proverbial cake and eat it, too.

But that’s still at the finish line. In order to get there, we need to fill our loved ones in. Because they can’t have their cake both ways—celebrating your progress while (usually inadvertently) shunning your process. And undermining your journey.

Talk about what it means to get to your goal. It does take focus. Commitment. Plan those date nights, prep for those events in advance, but tell your partner that weekly take out isn’t helpful. That your night can be just as fun with zucchini noodles instead of lo mein. Your bettering self will thank you in the morning. You will survive it. And so will he.