August 26, 2018

Summer, I surrender! Who thought, during the mounds of winter snow fall, that we would ever say this?! That we’d wish for it to end. And we may regret the sentiment. But for now, many of us are feeling a little lost, a little out of whack. If you let your tracking go to the wayside, you’re not alone. But there are things you can do, even if you’re still off your game, before that Labor Day finish line. Keep up that water intake to limit the bloating that comes from less macrofriendly food choices and drinks. Make sure you’re still moving, take the stairs instead of the elevator, treat the dog to an extra long walk. Most importantly, don’t panic. Especially if you’ve been super strict for some time, lapses are normal. Little efforts, like steady water intake and regular (even low impact) exercise, are all things that will help you ease into the fall routine a bit more smoothly. We’ll miss this time when it’s gone, so don’t wish it away. Enjoy those late sunsets and don’t beat yourself up if you’ve overindulged. Tomorrow is a new day. And so is the next.