December 28, 2019

If you got off track this Holiday season, you’re in good company. If you had honorable intentions that fizzled and burned in the festivity lights, don’t think that spark won’t still burn when this season has passed. This week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve may seem like a silly time to reboot, and it is okay if you don’t. It’s okay if 2020 has your name all over it. And if you’re in that minority that has been able to stay the course, you owe yourself a hearty pat on the back. It’s not easy!

Rebooting in the New Year: you may find that your regular pace is a bit slower, or that easy 50-minute run now seems insurmountable. Your typical stairmaster level may leave you uncomfortably winded, or that brisk walk you powered through in the fall may seem miles longer.

But the first time you laced on those sneakers on your fitness journey, you weren’t running 8-minute miles either. You didn’t NOT want to die in that first Orange Theory workout, or Bootcamp class. Baby steps. Don’t beat yourself down before you begin. It won’t come back overnight, but if you’re hungry for that goal in 2020 (2020!!), double those odds by strapping on those sneakers anyway. Nothing is lost that can’t be found. Program those days in advance, eat what you plan, and move as often as you can. Progress yields motivation, and although that first trip back to the gym may seem daunting, the hardest part will be walking out the door. But the second will be easier, and the third easier still. Don’t be bogged down by how much you used to be able to do, but what you are capable of doing still! Nothing is standing in your way but your own self-doubt. And you are stronger than that little voice which may whisper otherwise.

If you’re not ready to pop back into the gym tomorrow, that’s okay. But gather some energy to build your strategy before the 1st. Make a plan that you can walk into headfirst, head high. If you know that you burn out after a few days on your own at the gym, research a class. Grab a friend. Book it in advance. Classes help with accountability, not to mention the notion of gaining a few new buddies who share your goals and can help keep you motivated. Pick a date when you want to look your best. Post it on your fridge, your mirror, your bedside table, and look at it every day. Dreams are only dreams until they become goals, and it is the goal that becomes the reality.

Happy New Year, New You, Better YOU! I’m after it, too, and here for you. 2020—with nothing, and SO MUCH to LOSE.