December 06, 2022

In a conversation with a friend the other day, we discussed the notion of failure—and how the spectrum across failing and succeeding is sometimes so decimally small. Yet no matter the proximity, we ultimately can never seem to win. And so we become "failures."
By the end, we concluded that perhaps we should just aim to fail less. If success is so definitively unattainable as it excludes imperfection, then a better goal may be to just fail less often and with diminished fall out.
Once we accept failure as such, simply the steps one takes toward achievement, then we can pat ourselves on the back for our dedication to practice, and an occasional self-imposed time out.
As we head into the New Year and reflect on the last, I hope we all can find success in the moments that made us proud, be it deflecting temptation or indulging instead in favor of Joy.
I find so much to love in the time spent with many of you over zoom or phone calls or Facebook threads. Although many were positive and inspiring, the ones around feelings of defeat felt most important—because they require bravery, stamina, and all the things that constitute starting over.
Look for new and returning client promos in the next few weeks, and give yourselves credit for all the practice you may bumble through in days to come. #powerinnumbers